IMG_0217editedDo you want to develop skills in reading, writing, and math? They will help you transition into work, career, training programs, and college. These skills are also necessary to boost your Accuplacer score or pass your GED® tests. Come in to TLC today to get personalized learning support!

We offer many levels of classes, so you can find exactly what you need. You can also get individual and small group tutoring before and after class.

Click here for the calendar and summaries of classes.

Reading & Writing

  • We offer several reading and writing classes:
    • Reading Strategies – reading and understanding for the GED® test and for students building reading skills.
    • Writing – writing and editing for the GED® test and for students improving writing skills.
  • If you can, try to take these classes together, especially if you are preparing to take the GED® tests.
  • The classes will also help prepare you to take the Accuplacer test for college placement — or to just improve skills for work.
  • For those students who attend at least 2/3 of the scheduled classes, we offer the Official GED® Ready Test at the end of the 8 weeks.


  • Applied Math 1 – Math fundamentals for the GED® test and for students who need math review.
  • Applied Math 2 – Math problem solving for the GED® test and for students who need math skill building in preparation for work, training, or college.
  • Applied Math 3 – Math problem solving for the GED® test and for students who are skill building for post secondary work and school opportunities.

Career Pathways

  • Career and College Awareness – a bridge class for adult learners as they plan for the next step beyond GED® attainment.  Students explore interests, abilities, local education resources, and in-demand job opportunities.