We use capitalized letters (also known as uppercase) to denote something specific or of importance. There are eight main rules for capitalization:

Capitalization RuleExamples
The first word of a sentenceThe man jumped.
The dog slept all day.
Names (and proper nouns)Is Bobby coming to the game?
I love eating at McDonalds.
Is that the new PlayStation?
Don’t capitalize after colons (unless a proper noun follows)All of my energy is focused on one thing: jump roping.
There exists one thing that can divert my attention: Taco Bell.
The first word of a complete quote (but not fragments)Jared asked, “What makes you happy?”
Becky responded she was “too busy” to answer that.
Days, months, and holidays, (but not seasons)During August, I climb a mountain every Saturday.
I love Christmas but not winter.
The first word, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives in titlesI love The Lord of the Rings.
Mr. Smith’s favorite song is What Is Love by Haddaway.
Cities, countries, nations (nationalities too), and languagesI’m from Germany but am fluent in English.
The capital of England is London.
Periods, eras, and historical events with proper names (but not centuries)The Dark Ages was a tragic part of the Middle Ages.
The Jazz Age is an important piece of American history.


In the following questions, fix all capitalization errors. Some words are capitalized when they shouldn’t be, while others aren’t when they should be.


  • I went to the Supermarket to get a rack of pepsi.
  • I went to the supermarket to get a rack of Pepsi.
  1. I’m from germany but love italian music.
  2. Bob and tess love the big mac from mcdonalds.
  3. There is one thing about soccer i love: Scoring goals.
  4. During Summer, August is the rainiest month.
  5. Have you ever seen the movie the godfather?
  6. In switzerland, there are many great christmas markets.


  1. I’m from Germany but love Italian music.
  2. Bob and Tess love the big mac from Mcdonalds.
  3. There is one thing about soccer I love: scoring goals.
  4. During summer, August is the rainiest month.
  5. Have you ever seen the movie The Godfather?
  6. In Switzerland, there are many great Christmas markets.