Gain College Credit from UAS for Passing the GED: Reasoning Through Language Arts Exam

The University of Alaska Southeast has officially implemented a new policy connecting GED Reasoning Through Language Arts test results with offered writing courses. Students who pass the exam can gain access to UAS writing classes and possibly even earn college credit! The course and accreditation available per score is as follows:

GED: Reasoning Through Language Arts ScoreCourse (or accreditation) available
145-164WRTG S110: Introduction to College Writing
165 or higherWRTG S111: Writing Across Contexts
175 or higher1 Credit of 100 Level English

Course Descriptions:

The descriptions for these courses can be viewed here. We have copied the information below.

WRTG S110: Introduction to College Writing

“Prepares students for WRTG S111. Emphasizes composition of essays for academic writing. Includes critical reading, analysis, and integration of sources to enhance students’ writing. Practice in revising and editing to improve clarity, coherence, and purpose.”

WRTG S111: Writing Across Contexts

“An introduction to writing strategies and processes for reading and responding to rhetorical situations across a variety of public and academic contexts.”

Thank you to the University of Alaska Southeast for this incredible partnership that will relieve students of the logistics and costs associated with usual placement tests.