5 Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems…

  1. Don’t believe the myth that only children can easily learn a second language! Research has shown that second language learning may only slow for adults because they have more responsibilities and less time to spend on learning – not because of any differences in the brain. 
  2. Practice your new language every day. Shorter, more frequent sessions are better for learning language than long, grueling cram sessions.
  3. Find a language learning partner. You will be more successful if you learn with a family member or friend. You’ll have someone to practice with and you can keep each other accountable.
  4. Find a good teacher. Just because someone is a native speaker of a language does not mean they are able to teach it. Find someone who is a good match for your learning style, preferences, and needs.
  5. Practice all dimensions of your new language. Activate each language area of your brain by incorporating reading, writing, speaking, and listening as you study.

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This is list of language learning suggestions was adapted from:

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