Online GED Modules

Introducing Our Next Ambitious Project

Near the end of summer, our team began working on online GED modules. The purpose of this project was to provide an additional layer of support for students wanting to achieve their alternative diploma. Since many of our students maintain full-time jobs, they could only allocate time for one tutoring session a week. This made us realize we had to update our education delivery model.

Soon, our students will be able to access learning modules featuring explanations and problems for all the skills needed to pass the GED exam. Furthermore, the modules will be free and open to anyone working with us. Though we aren’t ready to officially release all of them yet, you can view two sample modules by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Students who work with us take a pretest that returns a report card detailing all of the areas a student must study to pass the GED exam. These areas are covered comprehensively in our modules. Moreover, the same tutor a student is working with delivers the video recorded lesson on the math, science, and social studies modules. Thus, a student can get further help and explanation from their tutor after completing a module.

Since this massive undertaking is totally new at The Learning Connection, expect continual patches and revisions as we discover what works best.