Under the Surface of Adult Education

The purpose of adult education is often reduced to an employment requirement. Under the surface of this portrayal contains the broad and deep list of actual benefits.


1. Health & Well-Being

Education encompasses everything, including nutrition. Personal development, fulfillment, and leading a healthier lifestyle are founded on intelligent decisions and education. The healthier the individual, the healthier the community.

2. Civil Literacy

Adults participating in continual education often vote, volunteer, or take active roles in the community more often. Adult education helps the community through improving an individuals ability to critically think.

3. Social Cohesion, Equity, and Equality

Adult education supports fluid social mobility. The process of learning brings together people from differing walks and stages of life. Multiculturalism and intergenerational unity assists in democracy and can lead to social peace.

4. Digital Awareness

Modern adult education can help close the digital gap through improving technological competency. This consequently boosts employment and social inclusion.

5. Sustainability

Sustainable development wins when we find innovative approaches to problems. Yet, innovation requires creative and informed citizens of all walks of life.

Adapted for educational purposes from: https://eaea.org/our-work/influencing-policy/manifesto-for-adult-learning-in-the-21st-century/