(9/16/20): What’s New at The Learning Connection

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While the way we deliver our vast array of services has changed, the essence of what we do still remains:

“Helping people build a better life through education”

We’re still offering adult education throughout Southeast Alaska. This page compiles how our existing services have changed and also details what we’re doing new.


  1. Tutoring Changes
  2. Online Modules
  3. English as a Second Language Class
  4. Free GED Exam
  5. Computer Training
  6. Trades Training
  7. Job Training

1. Tutoring

Maintaining a safe environment for learning is very important to us. Therefore, we’ve shifted our tutoring online. We service a wide breadth of communities across Southeast Alaska. Though we currently operate online, the areas we support are staffed with local tutors. Even if we don’t cover your hometown, we can search for local educators to fulfill the need.

Our tutors are available by appointment and instruct through Zoom. The instruction our educators provide is based on your needs; ranging from GED preparation, trades training, English as a second language, and college preparation. While most tutoring is online, we are constantly evolving and expanding our delivery channels. One such addition is a weekly, group English language Zoom class beginning September 23rd. Another introduction we’re making is weekly learning content posts.

If you are interested in volunteering to tutor adult learners in Juneau or our Southeast communities, please contact us.

2. Online Modules

We’ve started creating online learning modules to help students who want to learn outside of scheduled lessons. These pieces of content will focus mainly on Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. This means that students can take as much time as they need and study at their own pace. What’s unique about this new component is that it’s developed by the very tutors working with students (meaning more awareness on what needs the most review). If students find a teacher that fits their learning style, they can then schedule a one-on-one appointment with that instructor.

Example #1:

Click the photo below to be redirected to the guide

A guide on ordering fractions, a core section in the Math portion of the GED exam.

Beyond producing material for GED preparation, we are creating other general educational content. For example, the below info-graphic clearly lists some of the benefits associated with proper educational development as an adult. These posts will be spread across our social media accounts with a more in-depth description hosted on our website. Another example can be viewed below in section 3: “English as a Second Language.”

Example #2:

Purely an example; sources are included with all pertinent posts.

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3. English as a Second Language Class

As mentioned above, we also will hold a weekly class on Wednesdays for students looking to further their English comprehension outside of appointments. Beginning September 23rd, our tutors will host an hour long Zoom learning conference. Students working on their English comprehension will be able to interact both with instructors and other students to maximize language usage. Contact us by phone or email for the zoom link.

Learning a new language can be initially intimidating. Yet, with proper support, the task is more than possible. Here at The Learning Connection, we are here to provide guidance that assists the English learning process. That’s why our tutors take the time to produce learning content that equips our students to take on hard tasks in strategic ways. For example, this article and graphic presents direction for students looking to begin learning a new language:

Click the image to view the full post:

This is list of language learning suggestions was adapted from:
Kreuz, R., & Roberts, R. (2015). Becoming fluent : How cognitive science can help adults learn a foreign language. ProQuest Ebook Central https://ebookcentral.proquest.com

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4. FREE GED Exams

We’re extraordinarily happy to announce that our students have the opportunity to take the GED exam totally free of charge. The Division of Employment and Training Services has set aside funding to pay for first-time test takers (per subject area) who are enroll with us. This has enabled our students to prepare for and take the exam comprehensively through The Learning Connection. We cannot stress enough how great a time it is to take the GED exam.

Would you or someone you know benefit from free GED preparation and testing? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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5. Computer Training

Computer assistance is available for adult learners. Our instructors can provide assistance and training with a variety of online functions such as:

  • Email
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Web-based programs

Like most of our current services, this support will occur by appointment only in a socially-distanced setting. Being proficient on the computer is a crucial skill professionally and personally. If you are looking to bolster your skill portfolio or just want training on a useful program like Microsoft Word, contact us today. Alternatively, the direct line to our computer support personnel is: 907-523-7224.

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6. Trades Training

Our trades training program is still offering a wide range of courses to help boost your employability. From one week interest building classes to one year occupational endorsement training, we’ve got you covered. Past years content like construction mining, marine mechanics, and welding remain open to students. Additionally, we’re offering brand new training in:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Building Inspection
  • Flagging 
  • Drafting in Autocad

To make an appointment, contact us. Or, call or e-mail our trades instructor Karragh directly at 907-523-7237 or [email protected].

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7. Job Training

Young people (ages 16-24) not currently enrolled in school qualify for occupational training, paid internships, and/or employment through our JobX program.

Individuals facing barriers in completing high school or the GED exam are receiving work opportunities that grant a hands-on, pragmatic way of learning. Local employers such as Bobcat, AEYC, and Tlingit and Haida are providing paid training and work experience that lead to certifications (such as the Childcare Development Associate Certification).

Don’t hesitate to contact us, as the first training groups begin September 21st! Alternatively, contact our JobX instructor Kate Prussing at 907-523-7224 or [email protected].

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Thank You

Lastly, thank you for your support and patience during these uncertain times. The Learning Connection is committed to continuing to provide free adult education services across Southeast Alaska. A huge thanks to the Rasmuson Foundation for grant funds that have allowed us to provide technology to TLC participants in need, allowing them to fully engage in educational and vocational services despite COVID-19 challenges.

We would also like to thank the City and Borough of Juneau for providing masks for our students who don’t have access to clean, reusable masks. Thank you for keeping our community and students safe!

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