Module 4 – Recruitment

Recruitment of adult learners is an important element of any Adult Education (AE) program. In order to reach our clientele, we have to think about our audience and the strategies that we can employ to reach them and ultimately get them in the door. Below you’ll find information that will help you as you begin to think about a recruitment strategy that makes sense for you and your community.


Once you have figured out days and times you’ll be available, contact the program manager to develop a flyer that can be posted at busy locations across the community. You can also deliver some to key agencies in town that might send people your way.

Wrap Up
Recruitment will look different in every Southeast community. Remember, you are not alone in thinking about recruitment. Talk to the program manager to work out a plan and to get any support you might need in getting the word out to potential students. Once we have them in the door, then we have to consider the intake process, which will be covered in the next module.

You’re ready for Module 5!