Module 5 – Student Intake & Assessment

Once students enter your program, you'll need to complete a few key steps for intake. Student intake involves an orientation to the adult education program, completion of necessary paperwork, and assessments that will provide you with a better understanding of their skill level in reading and math. You will meet with the program coordinator in order to be trained directly on how to orient students to the program, to learn more about student assessment and to feel prepared to deliver this test to students, but this module will help provide you with an overview and basic understanding of these processes and tools.

All students will take an assessment called the Test of Adult Basic Education, or TABE, as they enter the adult education program. Again, the program coordinator will help prepare you to confidently deliver this test to students. As you work your way through this module, take note of any questions you have for further discussion with the program coordinator.

What is TABE?

Delivering the TABE
As you get started, you will complete a training be formally certified to deliver the TABE. The document linked below will be useful guide as you begin to proctor assessments with your students.

TABE:  Computer-Based Testing Guide

Reviewing the Process
The document linked below will be a great reference as you get started with the adult education. Keep it handy and refer to it often as you intake students into the program.

Student Intake & Assessment Flowchart

If you’ve reviewed all the links, you’re ready for Module 6!